Buckwheat Growers Association of Minnesota


Custom Feed Grinding and Rolling


Corn Drying   Feed grinding is available with either feed bought from us or that which you bring in. The mill utilizes a Hammer mill and Roller Mill to meet your feed grinding and rolling needs. 
 and Storage

Custom Feed    The mill also has three blenders at the following capacities: 1-Ton, 2-Ton and a 5-Ton. We can do up to 25 ton a day for bulk orders and 20 ton a day for bagged.
Grinding and Rolling
Feed Formulations   Rates: 
Bulk - $20/ton for one ton; $15/ton for two to six ton orders.
Bagged - $20/ton to grind and $20/ton for bags and $20/ton for bagging. (bags are fifty(50) cents apiece)
Grain Cleaning

Bean Transfer


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