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  To provide an opportunity for farmers to learn more about growing and harvesting buckwheat and other alternative crops and to add value to these crops by processing and marketing as a group of growers.






Farmers growing buckwheat and other alternative crops will work together to produce high-quality crops, both organic certified and transitional, will market these crops as a group of growers, cooperatively, as feed for livestock, as seed for harvest and cover crops or plowdowns, and as grain for human consumption and as processed products including buckwheat groats, grits, and flour. Producers will increase their net profit by patronizing the Co-op. Producer patronage will sustain producers, the rural community and the Co-op. 




The Buckwheat Growers Association of Minnesota is a Farmer Owned and Operated Cooperative. (Criteria affecting Capper-Volstead qualifications are that every individual member must be a farmer.)

Board Members:

Glen Boergerding, Chairman  

Perry Cuperus, Vice Chairman

Jeff Nardello Secretary

Floyd Hardy, Treasurer

Directors- Al Holmquist and Lynn Mizner



  The Buckwheat Growers Assn of MN owns and operates an organic certified feed mill and grain cleaning facility in Wadena, Minnesota, offering feed for livestock, seed for harvest, cover crop, plow-down, and grain cleaning, corn drying, grain storage. 
  Organic Certified with: MCIA Organic for:
  Mixing & Bagging of Feed
  Cleaning & Bagging of Grains
  Feed for Livestock
  Seed & Supplies
  Grain Cleaning
  Grain Storage


Information on becoming a member:(top)


The advantage of becoming a member is being able to sell and market organic and transitional products in an organic market with a cooperative of farmers that has already been established in the market place. Please examine our

Buckwheat Growers Membership Brochure to give you more information about us. You can also apply to be a member via this brochure. If you have more questions, please feel free to touch base with us via our contact page.

  Membership Fee - New $100/year Renewal - $25/year

Winter 2006

Spring 2005

Fall 2002

Fall 2001




OFARM Information(top)
  The Buckwheat Growers Association of Minnesota is a member of OFARM (Organic Farmers Agency for Relationship Marketing). Membership in this agency facilitates marketing products through a wide network of farmers. Members of the Buckwheat Growers Association can join this agency for $60/year as well if so desired.
  OFARM Membership Brochure 

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